Oh, Valentines, what do I feel about thee?

Nothing, apparently. I spent my entire Valentine’s day of 2012 cramming for class, rejoicing a free cut, having individual consultations with members, answering silly and not-so-silly questions with four other crazy people, and cramming some more. The madness has even spilled to the next day, and it shows no signs of stopping.

For others, February 14 is the day they get a physical affirmation of another’s love for them. For some, it serves as another reminder how alone in the world they are. For me, it was another ordinary and busy day. While the world sort of halted in its tracks to accomodate the day of love (and the prices of flowers everywhere skyrocketed to the high heavens), my day continued as typically as it could be.

Sometimes, I feel I lead such a boring life. Yesterday (well, technically yesterday was just a few hours ago) was no exception. Yet I revel in this ordinariness. While a small part of me wants a break in the monotony, a large part is also thankful that there’s no drama nor an emotional roller coaster. It’s peaceful. And I like that peace.