I promised to blog last year, but only got around to doing it now. Well, better late than never, eh? And I have picked the most imaginably perfect time to post again: midterms week.

When I was in college, midterms weren’t really a big deal, at least for me. Sure, they were a bit more hectic than the usual hell weeks, but they were always still par for the course for hell semesters. Midterms came, midterms went. They’re just a little bump in the road on the way to the infinitely more hellish finals weeks.

Not in law school. My first ever semester, I did not see the point (nor the importance of midterms). Everybody seemed so serious about midterms, and I couldn’t understand the hype. That bit me in the ass. I failed all of my midterms exams that semester, and I had to scramble to get decent grades in finals and recits in order to pass. Thankfully, I did. After that experience though, I’ve never questioned the importance of midterms in a law school student’s life.

Here I am tucked in a nook at my favorite coffee shop in the city, poring over books and reviewers–trying oh so very desperately to understand Tax. It seems like numbers and math do not want to let go of me just yet (but that’ll make another post entirely). I’m with three other friends and we’re all in our own little worlds, trying to cram as many information as possible in our saturated and coffee-addled brains. God, the stress. It doesn’t help that second semesters are brutally short, so finals week will just be around the corner.

I’m taking the time to have a break. One can only read and highlight/underline/understand so much. As much as I want this post to be insightful or enlightening, I’m afraid it’s here only to serve one purpose–to help me rest a bit before I delve back into my books and readings.

You see, sometimes, a little break is all we need to keep us going.