Beast’s Special is blasting through my earphones, drowning out the soft instrumentals that have been on repeat for the past three hours. For the first hour, I diligently read homework assigned two weeks ago, hoping to at least start on last week’s additional load. But then, the internet got fixed, and I’ve spent the last two downloading what I can (which is not much considering that the bulk of my regular view load don’t have new episodes yet), reading up on Kpop, trying to fix a reunion dinner for tomorrow, and looking for flights to Cebu and Korea.

I probably won’t be able to go to both destinations this summer but I really, really want to travel far from Manila or Batangas come April and May. I’ve always wanted to travel but it’s a luxury I can’t really afford. For the past five years, I’ve only traveled thrice, and two of those were work/academic-related. I’ve only traveled for pure vacation once – to Davao with my college friends, as a graduation trip from my parents. Disclaimer: When I say travel, I mean boarding-a-plane-to-a-far-destination travel, although I don’t really have out-of-town car trips as well.

This makes me very sad, and I always get a little jealous of friends who have been to other countries or provinces on study trips or family vacations. I read a lot of books and watch a lot of shows based in other countries, and I can’t help but want to be there instead of just imagining about them. I want to see beautiful architecture, experience late nights, and walk on streets other than where I always go. I want to eat Taiwanese street food, soak in a Japanese hot spring, stalk a Korean celebrity. I want to ride a gondola in Venice, take a train from Paris to Luxembourg, go to Baker Street in London. I want to pet a Tarsier in Bohol, experience the cold in Baguio, and ride the rapids in Cagayan de Oro.

In short, I want to go away – far, far from where I am.