I have a  nagging feeling that this blog will be entirely (or at least mostly) composed of Law School Journals. Oh well.

This post will be more aptly titled as “Colayco Cup Journal # 2”. However, it’s only two days before Colayco Cup and I’ve already failed to blog about most of my experience, so let’s just settle with another Law School Journal.

It’s 12AM and my teammates and I, together with our coaches and the other teams, are still in school, drilling for our Oral rounds. Tomorrow is Big 3 day (that’s Persons, Crim1, and Consti1) and I have not read anything for school. I’m currently listening to my teammate and partner, R, say his speech. I did mine already earlier, once for one of my coaches, Reese, and the other for Alphie, an alumni who Reese asked to drill me. I was immensely thankful that he drilled me because he was more “chill” than the coaches (I think from three different teams, not including ours) drilling R now. He was also very helpful. But then now, all my confidence from earlier is dissipating from the intense way they’re paneling R now. What’ll happen if I can’t answer them on Sunday?


On the other hand, I am having more fun with Colayco Cup now than when we started. 🙂

BTW, Colayco Cup is a moot court competition for ASIL applicants. Moot court is a simulation of a proceeding before the International Court of Justice. It’s very hard to study, but it’s also very interesting, once you get the hang of the concepts you’re reading about and trying to defend.