This is not my first post about law school, but I’ve decided to keep a regular tab on updates about what’s been happening and how I’ve been doing in school, for two reasons:

1) so that four years from now (hopefully), when I’m preparing for the bar and I want a break, I can spend idle time looking back through my journey, and

2) to keep this blog alive.

So, I bring you, the Law School Journals.


The past two weeks have been challenging. I’d use the word “hell”, but I’ve often used that term to refer to college “hell” weeks, and back then (as if it was such a long time ago), I’ve always used the term “hell” in a semi-joking manner. Sure, it was hell, but it was more like a lick of purgatory. I don’t want to use an oft-abused term to describe this raging fire I’ve gotten myself into.

My blockmates and I decided to join the Ateneo Society of International Law (ASIL). It’s the Ateneo Debate Society of Law School, except that it’s moot court instead of parliamentary debate (incidentally, I also joined the debate team, hehe). I think this was born out of my frustration of not making the debate team back in college. Part of it was my automatic allergic reaction against challenging work. I never wanted to challenge myself because I didn’t want to be proven incapable. So put less than my best effort in some things. I never really took anything seriously.

I think that’s also part of the reason I wanted to go to law school. Some of my friends told me that I should have worked straight out of college and that they didn’t see me in law school. And even now, when I read about how some of my friends and batchmates are starting to work, I feel a pang of jealousy that they’re out in the “real” world and I’m still stuck inside a classroom.

But then, I want to make sure that I’m mature enough before I unleash myself in the work force; and I definitely know that right now, I am still more like a kid than anything else. I need to earn and envelop a sense of responsibility–something which I think I can find in Law School. I know it’s hard for my parents to support my education, and I feel really sorry that I chose Ateneo, but I know that this institution will push me the furthest–and this is proving true.

For the past two weeks, we’ve been undergoing a crash course on International Law through a competition that’s normally prepared for and done in months. Everything is crammed in two weeks. Some have dropped already but a lot of us are still holding on, even just until Sunday, where the competition will finally end. My blockmates and I have already planned having a sumptuous celebratory dinner afterwards. Hehe.

Because of Colayco Cup, I’ve been sick again, I’ve neglected to read for my other subjects, and I’ve been a patron of the library. It’s hard, and it’s very grueling work, especially when you have no idea (as in squat) about what you’re doing, and you’re just learning along the way through the numerous edits and drills.

It’s not enjoyable and it’s really a hassle, but I will not quit–not just because not quitting means automatic acceptance, but because I find growth in what I’m doing. I can’t quite find the most apt way of describing it, but it feels like this whole two weeks served as another bout of emotional and mental puberty.

It’s challenging, and I am definitely appreciating the whole challenge.