Within nine days of being in law school, I got sick. It took me a sem before I got sick back in my freshman year in college. When they said that we’d be studying more in one week here than we did in all four years of college, I thought people were exaggerating. They are, but not by much.

To me, who has been a firm believer that cramming does not cramp my style, this has been a whole new world. You actually want to study in advance but you can’t because there isn’t enough time.

And people have been saying that it gets worse.

I wonder, did I make the right decision?

Despite all my complaints, I believe I did. I haven’t thought–not even once, not even when my stomach threatens to internally combust with tension in fear of being called to recite something I don’t know–that I didn’t want to do this, that something else was for me. The last time I thought that I was handing over my parents’ hard-earned money to the registrar.

I don’t say that it’s easy–it’s far from it. But it is fulfilling, ironically, in a way I did not get before, not even when I wrote and dreamed of continuing to write.

I’ve met great people, and am learning under even greater minds. It might be taking me longer to adjust to it, but I am happy that I am here.