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Back when we first started writing our thesis, Jomike, Rish, and I had grand plans of bringing home the best thesis award (well, that was mostly Rish). Then came the first months of crafting ideas and fitting theoretical backgrounds and we were stumped. We went from being too ambitious to having no definite topic a day before the passing of the thesis proposals.

But we managed. And if I do say so myself, we did pretty well. Better than expected. Definitely exceeded our own expectations. From having no framework, we steadily paved our direction throughout that first semester of grueling thesis work. Defense came too early and not a moment too late. Right after that hour in that small room at the third floor of the Comm. Dept., our thesis was done. We were finished. Ondoy happened the next day, and after that, you tend to forget about the things that took place before.

And here we are now, in Singapore, to present our thesis to an international convention of media and communication scholars. We’re here with the people we quoted in our thesis. To the inner nerd in me, that is all kinds of awesome.

That’s why even if I had to miss school (and before I would have dropped school in a heartbeat for an opportunity like this–but definitely not now), I’d still go. I’d take my 55 recit grade and work myself like a horse to raise it up for the rest of the sem. But I wouldn’t miss it, not really.

Even if that means I have to stay in a small enclosed space with to boys who have spent way (WAAAAYYY) too much time with each other the past few days.

Fernloft Hostel, Little India

Our room in Fernloft Hostel, Little India



Hello from Singapore

Hello from Singapore


Within nine days of being in law school, I got sick. It took me a sem before I got sick back in my freshman year in college. When they said that we’d be studying more in one week here than we did in all four years of college, I thought people were exaggerating. They are, but not by much.

To me, who has been a firm believer that cramming does not cramp my style, this has been a whole new world. You actually want to study in advance but you can’t because there isn’t enough time.

And people have been saying that it gets worse.

I wonder, did I make the right decision?

Despite all my complaints, I believe I did. I haven’t thought–not even once, not even when my stomach threatens to internally combust with tension in fear of being called to recite something I don’t know–that I didn’t want to do this, that something else was for me. The last time I thought that I was handing over my parents’ hard-earned money to the registrar.

I don’t say that it’s easy–it’s far from it. But it is fulfilling, ironically, in a way I did not get before, not even when I wrote and dreamed of continuing to write.

I’ve met great people, and am learning under even greater minds. It might be taking me longer to adjust to it, but I am happy that I am here.

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