Please be nice to me in four years 🙂

Yesterday, I enrolled to the Ateneo School of Law. Anna and I arrived with Mikee at Rockwell at around 11AM. We finished registering at 4PM. Detdet (who was busily noising up the whole building), Anna and I were talking about how it was the longest Ateneo registration we ever had to go through.

Throughout those hourse of waiting and lining up, up to the moment before I withdrew the money I needed to enrol from the nearby bank, one thought crammed my head: Is this what I really want to do? Do I really want this?

Bob and JD would be happy to know that my inner self was battling me, saying: Mina, don’t do this. Don’t. Don’t.

But I withdrew the money, and I knew, I would go to law school. It may not have been my original dream, but it is how I see myself now. Dreams change. Mine did, and it would have been bigger a regret if I kept on hanging on to them when it was clear that they tired me out.

I don’t see myself having an easy time in law school, and frankly, the thought of terror professors and recits scare me to no end. And a big part of why I want to go to law school is how big of a challenge it poses to me. I understand my friends when they tell me they think I’d grow more if I don’t go to law school, but let me disagree.

I feel–in my heart of hearts–that I’d grow immensely in law school. All throughout senior year, I’ve been feeling restless. Granted, a lot happened to make me feel listless, but chief of which was my continued thought about how immature I think I was. I felt no different than when I was in high school. Yes, I grew in maturity, but not into the maturity I thought a 20-year-old should have.

I feel that law school would hammer that maturity in me. It’ll drum the discipline that I need, and want, to have. And it’ll make me grow as a person–by leaps and bounds. I have been lost, and I feel that law school would straighten that and push me in the right direction. I will find who I am and who I want to be in law school. I can feel it.

On a commpletely unrelated thought, I think offices have a thing against me.

While I was getting the documents I needed at the Ateneo registrar, they gave me different documents and told me I paid for them already. They had to find the documents I did need and take a look at my clearance form for I don’t know what. I had to insist that I didn’t pay for anything I didn’t claim.

Then, while in Rockwell, during our second (there were eight) steps of registration, the Registrar lost my transfer credentials! They had to look for it again. Boo. It was funny though.

I hope that it makes for a funny anecdote when I graduate four years later.