I’ve forgotten when I made this blog. It must be sometime around the start of (hopefully) my last semester in college. It’s the hair. But after creating it, I’ve let it fester and brew dormant.

What a waste of online space. So yesterday, the restlessness that has been eating at me for the past few weeks (months, really) finally reached its boiling point. And now I’ve decided to make use of this waste of space.

I’ve realized that part of my restlessness is due to the unfiltered amount of thoughts brewing in my head. I need to put them in words, in writing, on paper, so I can free some space up for better things (like relaxing properly).

My writing professor once told our class to update our blogs everyday–it’s okay even to just put some nonsense in, just make sure it’s updated. As Tumblr has been busy claiming my attention everyday, I hope to dedicate a bit of my time, every single day, to this blog.