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It’s 5.29AM, and I’m just about ready to fall asleep but I can’t, or to put it more properly, I refuse to fall asleep. It’s Monday and though there are no classes (because of another one of GMA’s let’s-make-unnecessary-long-weekends plan), it marks the start of the most hellish of college hell weeks (or sems).

I know that assumption seems like a big exaggeration, but I think that so much more is at stake now. This week will be the last finals week the seniors will ever take. The Last. That raises the stakes so much higher. On one hand, you have those people who just want to get it over with; on the other, you have those scrambling to pull up their grades or escape failing.

The stress has an added dimension, because if we screw this up, the consequences are too great to quantify.

So what am I doing now? Going on my fourth thesis statement out of 11 for Theology 141: Theology of Liberation. Studying theology has never been my strong point. I just can’t accept how some professors teach (or dictate) theological understanding. However, I do love my professor for this subject.

There are just some teachers that you know will have taught you for life, rather than just a semester in school.

Studying for Theo orals, however, is only one of my worries. There’s also Philosophy orals, a final research paper and presentation for Japanese Literature, and a special project and video blogs for Media Law and Ethics.

Speaking of video blogs, I recorded an impromptu one earlier (by earlier I mean around 1AM) at Starbucks. I would have you witness my incoherence and eyebags (as you can probably tell from my stunted writing) but WordPress doesn’t allow video uploads and I’m too tired to upload them in my Youtube account, so a picture would suffice. Here’s me trying to be cute to mask how tired I am:

Sabog at Starbucks


I’ve forgotten when I made this blog. It must be sometime around the start of (hopefully) my last semester in college. It’s the hair. But after creating it, I’ve let it fester and brew dormant.

What a waste of online space. So yesterday, the restlessness that has been eating at me for the past few weeks (months, really) finally reached its boiling point. And now I’ve decided to make use of this waste of space.

I’ve realized that part of my restlessness is due to the unfiltered amount of thoughts brewing in my head. I need to put them in words, in writing, on paper, so I can free some space up for better things (like relaxing properly).

My writing professor once told our class to update our blogs everyday–it’s okay even to just put some nonsense in, just make sure it’s updated. As Tumblr has been busy claiming my attention everyday, I hope to dedicate a bit of my time, every single day, to this blog.

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